Understand the principles and concepts of nutrition and dietetics

Understand the role of nutrients in health and disease

Learn to collect and asses data related to nutritional status

Learn the principles of nutritional counselling

Certified Gym Trainer Course

This course helps you to become certified personal trainer which every client wants. A personal trainer creates one-on-one fitness programs for their clients, motivating, and guiding them to achieve their goals.

Clients may wish to lose weight or gain muscle, and as a personal trainer, you'll instruct and assist them with exercising appropriately utilizing exercises and explicit plans.

Nutrition And Dietician Course

Certified Nutritionist Course is specially designed to help qualified Nutritionists, Personal Trainer/Gym Instructor and Group Fitness Instructor obtain knowledge required to prescribe nutrition plans for active, exercising individuals & even competitive athletes.

This Nutrition Course provides in-depth knowledge on food selection, macronutrient of food. It is about learning Nutrition that is geared towards optimal performance and body composition. Knowledge of Nutrition along with exercise provides Fitness Professionals complete hold over results.