The Course Duration Is 4 Months, Which Means 17 Weeks.
There are two types of courses are available that First is online courses and second is an offline course. Online courses price is 3000/- only and Offline course price is 35000/-
The online course consists of systematic video lectures, books in pdf format on each topic and it also includes one expert mentor who will guide you through the course. FGIIT provides proper medium or channel where you can learn the course, you can see the tutorial videos, read e-books in pdf format, and give your examination. we will provide you separate id and password of your self it will be private video so you will have access to those videos.
The offline course consists a timing is 10 am to 2 pm on Saturday and Sunday only in this particular location vesu, surat, gujarat. we have an academy you have to come over there and study with our fitness experts on the same course.
This course is globally recognized and his affiliation with California, USA. we have also an ISO Certified institute you can see that front page of our website. it will be valid in 192 countries.

We are providing an online examination system for our students. There are a few steps to attempt an exam.

  1. Go to the examination page by click 'Exam' in the menu or click here
  2. You'll find the upcoming examination list for you.
  3. Click on Start and It'll start.
  4. Once the time up, your answer will submit automatically or you can submit manually before the end time.

Students can easily download their certificates from the student portal.

  1. Open Certificate Page from menu Student Service > Certificates or click here
  2. You can see your certificate and click on download to save it on your device.

For Submit Project,

  1. Go to Project Submission from the Menu Student Service > Project Submission or just click here
  2. Click on Select File of an assignment, then select a file and do submit. You can resubmit until the deadline gets over.